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Matthew Arnold Primary School & Dingle Lane Children Centre

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11th September 2017


Dear Consultee


Matthew Arnold Primary School – Conversion to Trust School without a Foundation


We are writing to inform you that Matthew Arnold Primary School is proposing to convert from a trust school with a foundation, to a trust school without a foundation. This letter is to explain the reasoning behind the proposal and to ask for your views.


The board of governors, after much consideration, have come to the conclusion that it is in the best interests of the school to remove the foundation. The foundation is now deemed an unnecessary administrative layer, given the conversation of Shorefields School to academy status. The Foundation was created in our to oversee both Shorefields School and Matthew Arnold Primary School, however as Shorefields School is no longer a part of the foundation, there is no longer any purpose to be served by it.


As part of the statutory process, we would like to invite you to comment on the proposal which will be taken into consideration by the board of governors when making the final decision. The consultation period will be open for a period of four weeks commencing on 12th September 2017.and ending on 10th October 2017. Please direct any comments that you may have to [email protected]


Following this consultation exercise, the governing body will reach a final decision as to whether the proposal should be formally published. The governing body will take any comments received as part of this consultation process into account when reaching their decision to formally publish the proposal. You will also be provided with a further opportunity to comment on the proposal during the representation stage.


If you have any questions please contact Mr Byrne at [email protected]


Yours sincerely


Mr T Byrne


Full Proposal

As part of the consultation process, a full proposal must be available to view. Please click on the link above.