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Our  PTFA (Parent Teacher and Friends Association) is an excellent way to bring together parents, teachers and the local community to raise money and to support the school. It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together towards a common goal. School will benefit from the additional funds it will raise and the increased opportunity for parents to be more involved in school life.

As parents, teachers and staff you are AUTOMATICALLY a member of the PTFA and your voice counts. Our PTFA depends on a continual cycle of parent involvement particularly as children reach their final year and leave, so do their parents. The teachers and Headteacher support us when possible, but without the support or parents, we have no PTFA.


The PTFA is a mixture of parents who work together for the benefit of the school. Some work part-time and some work full-time. NONE of us are specialists in fundraising or being part of a PTFA, so do not be afraid to help out when you can.


Taking an active role with the PTFA is crucial to helping us raise money for your child, so we’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why helping the PTFA will greatly improve your child’s experience of school.


You are vital to the success of the school

School budgets are being squeezed year after year leaving less money to spend on the nicer things such as sport equipment, library books, music and art equipment. Funds raised by our PTFA will help give your child additional materials at school allowing them to have a more enjoyable school experience.

It’s TOTALLY flexible!

There are so many ways you can be involved with PTFA even if you cant give your full time to an event you could help set up tables or decorations, you can help clear up after the event, you can help advertise by talking to other parents and encouraging them to come along to events, you can donate or bring in items requested for events, bake cakes, buy sweets, but most important of all COME ALONG TO ANY EVENTS WE HAVE PLANNED AND SUPPORT YOUR PTFA AND YOUR SCHOOL! Everyone is welcome to attend PTFA meetings, but you don’t have to unless you want to. If you ever want to contact any of the full committee members you can leave a message with main reception.

You’ll feel more connected and be part of a network

You are guaranteed to get to know the staff and other parents better when you help out at PTFA events. School will become a more familier place and everything you do will be helping your child. Every PTFA event is an opportunity to meet other parents in the same situation as you. You will be part of a like-minded network of people who all share a common goal of improving the school for our children.

Make a difference

By volunteering to help the PTFA, you’ll be benefiting your child and all the other children attending the school. Only you can make that difference so don’t be afraid to get stuck in.

We’re not just for mums!

It’s important to our PTFA, our school and our pupils to have dads, nans, granddads and guardians represented on our committee and to help reach out to others. We want a good mix of people to be involved with our PTFA, not just mums.

Be a role model

By being involved with our PTFA, you’ll show your children that not only are they important to you, but their education is too. Your children will see you playing an active part in making their education more varied and interesting. Being involved illustrates good teamwork and community spirit, plus children are often pleased and excited when they see their mum/dad working along side their teacher and getting stuck in behind the scenes at school.

What the PTFA does affects every parent (and pupil)

Your voice matters – the PTFA is made up of people elected to represent you, so help us to do this effectively. Your ideas and involvement can help improve the quality of education for all the children at our school. See the smiles on their faces and know that you have played a part in making school even more comfortable and fun! Help us plan fun events and get-togethers. Have fun at the school fayre and Halloween Disco, enjoy the cakes and the raffles and the bingo nights. Its all possible with your help!

And finally and most importantly – make memories……

Our children are only at school for a relatively short time. PTFA events such as Disco’s and Bingo Evenings and of course the Christmas and Summer Fairs will be remembered fondly by our children for a lifetime. The equipment and resources which the PTFA help to fund make learning even more engaging. Help us continue to create lasting memories for our children.

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Previous Events

Valentine cake sale - Monday 13th February 3 - 4pm

Dress down day - Thursday 16th February 

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March (Come dressed as your favourite book character)

Easter raffle - March throughout (Selling raffle tickets on the main yard to win hampers of Easter eggs)

Easter Bingo - Wednesday 29th March

Dress down day - Wednesday 5th April

Bingo night/Quiz night - Wednesday 17th May

Dress down day - Friday 26th May

Summer Fayre raffle - June throughout (Selling tickets on the yard to win hampers of goodies)

Summer Fayre - Thursday 6th July 2.30pm - 5.30pm (To view pictures of the event go to "News & Events then Latest News")