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Matthew Arnold Primary School and Granby & Dingle Children's Centre

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Daily Routine

The Importance of Play


At this stage of their learning, your child will be mainly learning through play-based activities. They will also be learning about routine and developing early literacy and maths skills, learning about the world around them and learning social skills.


Throughout nursery your child will begin to learn by doing things for themselves, by exploring and investigating, watching and listening, talking and discussing, creating and communicating - in other words, playing. Play is children's work and playing hard is very tiring! Play can also be very messy as your child will be learning both inside with sand, water and paint, and also in the outdoors with mud, leaves and so on, so you can expect some mucky clothes at the end of the day!


Each week the children are given a library book to share with their parents / carers every Monday and Friday.


Summer 1

Last term the children learnt about:                                     Supertato

                                                                                            Jack and the Beanstalk

                                                                                            Pig in the Pond


Summer 2

This term the children will be learning about:                      The Enormous Turnip

                                                                                            The Gingerbread Man 

                                                                                             People Who Help Us


Children are learning Phonics and use the jolly phonics songs (letters and sounds song) to help them with their recognition of sounds.


For further information please click the links below:

Curriculum Overview for Summer Term