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Late/Absence Procedures

Late/Absence Procedures


School Procedures for Recording and Monitoring Attendance


School has a statutory responsibility to record and monitor the punctuality and attendance of pupils.


· The start of the school day is 8.50am. The class teacher will take a register recording who is present and absent from 8.50am. At 9.00am the register will be returned to the school office.


· Any late pupils should enter the school through the main entrance. If any pupil arrives late, the office staff will record details in a late book. The record should show name of the pupil, class and time. The register officially closes at 9.30am any pupil arriving after this time will be marked absent for this session. A reason for the lateness will need to be provided and a decision made by the school to mark it as an authorised or unauthorised absence.


· All registers are monitored daily each morning for absences. If your child is absent with no reason recorded, our Attendance Officer will contact families (First Day Response) to ascertain information with regards to the absence.


  • If parents/carers do not get in contact with school, the office will follow this up with phone calls from 9.45am. This will ensure all calls are made and complete by 10.00


· The afternoon session starts at 1.00pm. The register will be taken again and must be returned to the office by 1.15pm.


· Reasons for absence will be recorded using the Department for Education’s attendance codes.