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Something to Celebrate

Last year 28 trainees successfully completed the PGDE with QTS through our School Direct Tuition programme at MAITT, of these 69% achieved Grade 1, 31% achieved Grade 2 and 0% achieved Grade 3       

This is a fantastic result and we congratulate our Trainees on their achievements. 

Feedback from some of the Professional Development activities and Subject Knowledge sessions that we have delivered to our Trainees on Fridays during the training year:



  • Christine has not only helped me develop my subject knowledge and knowledge of how to teach Science but has also offered reassurance and made me feel much better about applying for jobs with confidence
  • Great session. Thank you for all your effort you have put into the sessions and resources you have brought. I will definitely teach Science practically to engage and promote children’s scientific enquiry.



  • Outstanding! Another great session! Adrian’s subject knowledge & Pedagogical knowledge is fantastic!
  • Really enjoyed it Thank you
  • Really helpful session, now understand the basics of Algebra! Thank you
  • Lots of excellent ideas to take back to the classroom.  I also feel that some of my own subject knowledge gaps have been filled in



  • I thought the session was fantastic! I am due to take a guided reading session next week and I feel very confident as a result of the info provided todays. Thank you Jayne.
  • I liked the reciprocal reading model! Hope to use it with my guided reading group. I think the children will really enjoy it like that.


Summative assessment:

  • An excellent session. Louise was incredibly knowledgeable and gave a fantastic session. I feel much more confident in completing and carrying out summative assessment and how to use them to inform how/ensure all children progress.
  • Fantastic session pulls it all together for us. Thank you for this a really great session.


SMSC and British Values

  • Thank you so much for your session. It was extremely beneficial and very thought provoking. I really enjoyed the session, and the resources were fab. It was a great idea to plan an assembly on British values as it will be beneficial. Thank you for all your time and effort.