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Matthew Arnold Primary School and Granby & Dingle Children's Centre

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Who's Who



Senior Leadership Team

Mr T Byrne                            Headteacher                                                  

Mrs L Evans                          Deputy Headteacher  

Mrs S Nuttall                         Business Manager    

Mrs D McAndrew                  Children's Centre Co-ordinator



Miss N Kamal                        Nursery Teacher

Miss N Holmes                      Reception Teacher  

Mrs L Hewitt                           Learning Support Assistant - Nursery

Mrs S Dyer                             Learning Support Officer - Reception

Miss A Cook                           P/T 1:1 - Reception Class  


Key Stage 1 & 2       

Miss R Newitt                         Year 1 Teacher

Mrs P Roberts                        Year 2 (0.8) Teacher

Miss E Cant                            Year 3 Teacher

Miss McHenry                         Year 4 Teacher  

Mrs R Boyd                             Year 5 Teacher

Mr Luscombe                          Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Wilson                               Year 2 (0.2), Reception (0.2) and Language Unit


Curriculum Support                                                                                  

Mrs C Millington                       Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr G Pindar                             Health & Fitness Officer


Mrs B Walls                             Learning Support  Assistant 

Mrs J Doran                             Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs Y Sullivan                         Learning Support Officer 

Mrs D Taylor                            Learning Support Assistant  

Miss J Lea                               Learning Support Assistant 



Language Unit

Miss J West                             Teacher  (SENDco)

Mrs K Carter                            Teacher 

Mrs H Lawler                           Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs L Tweedle                         Learning Support  Assistant 


Admin Team

Miss J Pritchard                       Admin & Finance Officer (School)  

Ms M Heaney                          Clerical/Attendance Officer

Mrs L Bauress                         School Direct Partnership Officer

Mrs J Lucock                           Temp Receptionist


Children's Centre   

Mrs N Martin                             Family Link Worker (P/T)

Miss G Nelson                          Family Link Worker (P/T) (maternity)

Mrs C Lloyd*                             SEN & Disability Worker (maternity)

*Mrs K Kayll                              SEN & Disability Worker (covering maternity leave)


MAPS Nursery          

Miss J Evans                            2 Year Old Provision Lead Practioner

Miss J Bampton                       Early Years Practitioner 

Miss D Rowan                          Early Years Practitioner   

Mrs A Lunn                               Early Years Practitioner

Miss R Pollock                          Early Years Practitioner


Site Management                                                               

Mr T Riley                                  Site Manager

Mr D Smith                                Assistant Site Manager    


Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs M Kavanagh                        Supervisory Assistant  

Miss J Martin                              Supervisory Assistant      

Mrs R Orensa                            Supervisory Assistant

Miss L Speare                            Supervisory Assistant 

Miss J Lea                                  Supervisory Assistant


Catering Staff

Mrs E Ellis                                   Cook

Mrs D Kenny                               Catering Assistant

Ms L Walsh                                 Catering Assistant

Mrs S Jones                                Catering Assistant

Child Protection / Designated Lead : Mr T Byrne

Child Protection / Deputy Designated Lead : Mrs L Evans / Mrs D McAndrew

Child Protection / Safeguarding Officer : Mr A Brougham