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Matthew Arnold Primary School and Granby & Dingle Children's Centre

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At Matthew Arnold Primary school we believe that learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for all pupils. All children in KS2 classes participate in weekly Spanish lessons, these are delivered by Leon, our native Spanish teacher.


Our aims of teaching MFL are for children to:

  • foster an interest in learning another language;
  • develop speaking and listening skills;
  • gain enjoyment, pride and a sense of achievement;
  • explore and apply strategies to improve their learning;
  • explore their own cultural identities and those of others.


Spanish lessons provide children with the opportunity to engage in conversations in spanish. Children ask questions and can respond in sentences, practicing using a variety of phrases and vocabulary. Our main aim, in learning a new language is to ensure pupils have a positive experience of early language learning through interesting and varied activities such as songs, games, I.T and role play.