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Matthew Arnold Primary School and Granby & Dingle Children's Centre

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School Readiness

Welcome to Matthew Arnold School


We are so pleased that you have chosen to come to Matthew Arnold and we can’t wait to meet you all. We are incredibly proud of our EYFS and are confident that your child will thrive with us and make fantastic progress. 


Below are some brilliant resources that will help you gain an understanding of the things you can do to help prepare your child for school. Some of the most important things for your children are:

  • Developing their independent skills (putting on own clothes, going to the toilet by themselves and wiping their own bottom)
  • Getting into a routine (breakfast, lunchtime, bedtime)
  • Communication - talking about what they are doing and asking questions, singing nursery rhymes, reading and talking about stories
  • Social interaction - playing games, learning to take turns and using their imagination in their play.
  • Attention & listening - sharing stories and asking simple questions about the story, singing Nursery rhymes, talking about your day and engaging in imaginative play 


   Am I ready for school?


Listen and learn 


Make a mark, make a start 


Happy talk (communication) 


Steps to starting school 


Starting school BBC bitesize 



 Parent Information



Starting school parents toolkit  


Preparing for school  


Stories about starting school


School Uniform