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Matthew Arnold Primary School and Granby & Dingle Children's Centre

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On behalf of our whole school community we are very pleased to welcome you to Matthew Arnold Primary School. Everyone here is committed to offering all children a successful and happy time at our school. We work closely with parents, carers and other members of our wider community to build positive partnerships and relationships, which ensure that our children reach their full potential.


In reception class we want this to be the beginning of a happy, secure, successful and exciting start to the term for you and your child. We recognise that starting school can be an anxious time for parents and children. We aim to provide you with information and advice to make your child’s transition into school as smooth as possible.


We are very proud that our school is a caring and supportive environment. We ensure that there are many opportunities provided for your child to learn in fun and exciting ways and we will celebrate your child’s successes and achievements with you.

We are looking forward to getting to know your children and helping them to develop. We would very much appreciate your support and input during the school year and feel free to contact us any time should you have any concerns or issues. We look forward to working with you and your children in this new adventure!


If there is anything you need please ask, we look forward to meeting you.



Mrs Boyd ( Reception Class Teacher)

Mrs Dyer (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss Connor (1 to 1 Support Assistant)