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Matthew Arnold Primary School and Granby & Dingle Children's Centre

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Vision and Values

We at Matthew Arnold… 
  • Take responsibility for our behaviour
  • Treat others with respect and equality
  • Enjoy learning
  • Feel safe
  • Reach our full potential
  • Celebrate achievement

We recognise that to achieve the aims and values at School, our curriculum needs to be supportive and responsive. Many of our pupils will benefit from

  • Additional social and emotional support
  • Access to quality resources, trips, visits, visitors
  • A focus on speech and language progressive vocabulary to assist them in explaining their thoughts and feelings
  • A meaningful focus upon basic skills (reading, writing and basic number)

Our curriculum has been shaped to create these opportunities and in turn, supporting our aims and values

It is our aim to be a centre of excellence where children and adults are successfully supported and encouraged to discover new horizons and develop their true potential.