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Liverpool counts quality mark

Liverpool Counts Quality Mark


Matthew Arnold Primary School is pleased to announce that we are participating in an exciting new pilot project in Liverpool to promote Mathematics in our city. This will be starting in February 2017.


The aims of the project are:


•to raise the profile of Numeracy / Mathematics

•to change the culture of thinking around Numeracy / Mathematics

•to make real life connections

•to understand how Numeracy / Mathematics can affect life choices

•to make connections with other subjects

•to share and celebrate the enjoyment of Numeracy / Mathematics


We will, therefore, be holding events throughout this school year to help everyone to have fun and improve their mathematics skills.


The dates of events will be on our website so please watch out for them and come along and help us to achieve these aims!


Our Mathematics Ambassadors are helping us to achieve the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark.

Our assessment in in November 2017 and we will keep you informed as to its outcome!